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How we compare with cotton

Sorry cotton, this will never be a fair fight.

Temp. Regulating (Advantages of silk)
Protects the hair (Advantages of silk)
Keeps the skin fresh (Advantages of silk)
Antibacterial (Advantages of silk)
Hypoallergenic (Advantages of silk)
Soft & smooth (Advantages of silk)
3x Less washing (Advantages of silk)

Swedish design

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What is so unique about the material?

Sweden's only silk pillowcase made from genuine 22-Momme mulberry silk
for a cool sleep and amazing hair & skin.

The mulberry side

Certified, 22-Momme Mulberry silk with the finest 6A silk (the best silk money can buy).

Hidden zipper

Discreet closure and user-friendly design make changing pillowcases super easy.


Chemical-free and allergy-friendly mulberry silk that counteracts dust mites and can help with allergies.

High quality

Contains 30% more silk than other competitors that only have 19-momme. Higher momme gives longer durability.

The best pillowcase for you

It is the purest
and best for hair & skin.

There is a reason that thousands will never again sleep on something else.

Ordinary material

Minimal with bacteria
after 12 days

Silkzi material

Minimal with bacteria
after 12 days

The most beautiful pillowcase ever ...

Seriously. We have made sure to make a silk pillowcase that you should look forward to every night. What is the point of beautiful hair and fresh skin if sleep is to suffer?

  • Cool & nice material (Forget night sweats!)
  • The smoothest and best silk money can buy.
  • Does not absorb like other materials (The products remain on the face and not on the pillow.)

Everyone loves SILKZI

Real reviews from real customers.

Not without my Silkzi pillowcase!

Super impressed! I never thought it would be so nice to sleep on. Now I wake up every morning without pillow prints / wrinkles on my face that I always got from my previous cotton pillowcases! It is incredibly soft and cool which is also so wonderful, because I'm menopausal, so this pillowcase means I sleep better. Thank you Silkzi! is cool and nice.

Lena G

Fantastic pillowcase!

Cool and Silky soft. Great for both hair and face. And you sleep incredibly well. Recommended !! Fast delivery

Laila F

Heavenly pillowcase

Cool and nice to skin and hair. Already notice a difference after a short time. Sleeps finally much better after many years of lack of sleep. Wakes up without dry, worn hair and skin. Top quality. Thank you !!

Annu N

Wonderful pillowcase

I am very happy with the pillowcase. Lovely to rest my head on and the sleep has now become longer and deeper. Thank you! / Gun

Ann H

Better sleep

Gun B

Why Silkzi beats cotton

  • Less bacteria and mites.
  • Keeps the skin fresh and young.
  • Hypoallergenic, better for sensitive skin.
  • Gentle on the hair and counteracts frizzy morning hair.
  • Soft, smooth and stays cool.

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The best customer support

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